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Message From Hugh Marr

Picture your future, you have not just made steady, incremental progress in your chosen field; you are making eye-catching, inspiring leaps forward. With the application of proven performance principles, that future is attainable for all.

My name is Hugh Marr. As a coach to some of the world's best professional golfers for the past 20 years, I have observed first-hand what it takes to perform at your peak in one of the most challenging, volatile and high-pressure environments. This experience has allowed me to develop a unique set of performance principles, proven to deliver immediate and robust results.

The beauty of the strategies I have developed is that they are not only simple to apply and quick to work; they can also be applied to all environments. They can be employed by any person in any walk of life, professional or personal, and deliver the same, spectacular success.

There are only very few people in the world who genuinely get the best out of their talent. These people enjoy a competitive advantage, a sense of fulfilment and the success their talents and abilities deserve. Are you ready to join them?




You simply don't have time to develop at the expense of performance.
This realisation triggered my passion for understanding the ingredients
of achieving optimal performance, and learning how to apply them.
There are three core principles that underpin my approach to
developing high performers




We are all unique, physically, emotionally, intellectually, each of us is a one-off. We have our own motivations and limitations; we process information differently. What works for one won't necessarily work for another. Dealing with people as individuals is central to my approach to working with high performers, helping everyone become the best version of themselves.



A truly functional performance journey means being able to execute it NOW. This is why my approach is above all actionable and practical, delivering performance uplift alongside development, NOT after it. Exceptional Performance requires strategies and behaviours that can be applied and adopted immediately. My coaching offers proven, game changing tools to help you do this and track their effects both personally and within your business.



For any high performer to thrive their development must be relevant to the field they are performing in. In today's world we don't have the luxury of being able to commit time to an endeavour that has no guarantee of producing results. My unbiased, uncluttered approach quickly cuts through the noise, and helps the client view any situation with total clarity, quickly identifying workable solutions.

Relevant, demanding

Data analysis and

Leadership &
Team development

Results driven,
process delivered


Real time decision

Relevant marginal

Build your super





Personal, actionable and relevant strategies that deliver results now

An individualised and versatile process

Real world solutions that embrace the unpredictability and pressure of today's world

Straightforward language, no nonsense approach

High Performance Stories

Thanks to Hugh, I have been able to develop a range of skills to better manage the day to day chaos of working in the financial world. In the last two years, we've worked extensively on distilling the truth and focussing on the fundamentals of detachment and accepting chaos. Both of which have been integral to my success and enabled me to perform at the highest level of my career. His performance principles are relevant, actionable and deeply personal, leaving me incredibly energised and clear-minded during volatile periods. At 29, IR had the responsibility of creating and managing the Global Equities and Derivatives Trading of a Long/Short Equity Investment Fund that now manages over a billion dollars in assets. Over the last six years, he has gained an astounding reputation in the financial world following superlative performances that allowed him to become the youngest Partner at his investment firm in 2019.

IR, Hedge Fund Partner & High Performer

I owe Hugh and his coaching a great deal of gratitude. He has helped arm me with tools to not only cope, but to actually thrive under high stress and pressure. My manufacturing business suffered a devastating total-loss fire while I continued to deliver highly valued technology projects in Oil & Gas. Without the principles that Hugh has taught me, I simply would not have coped physically and mentally. Instead, I found performance levels I did not know I had with real results for my businesses, and more importantly, for my clients. Hugh has enabled me to harness my strengths, continually develop myself and remain focused on my objectives through the most stressful period of my life and beyond. He did this with kindness, compassion and without judgement. His principles and one-to-one approach are simply designed to make people shine. He cares and invests in you to achieve great things.

SG, Tech Entrepreneur & High Performer

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